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     I am saddened by the recent events that took place on September 11, 2001. Click here to visit my page that offers my condolences and prayers to the family, friends and victims in New York, Washington, DC and the passengers who were on the planes.

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     To the 1450th unit, Sgt. Miller and CEnet just found out that you will be deployed soon. We just wanted to let you know that we love you and want you to come home safely. We support you in the job that you have been called to do and wish you good luck. Thank you so much for your sacrifice for us and our great nation and a job that we know will be performed to the best of your ability. COME HOME SOON!!!

     As I began my search for the truth of what happened in the deserts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, I wonder do I really want to know what happened? I know I do not have all the answers but, for each answer I find two more questions are raised. I know I am forever change by my experience, I am not the person I was when I left the mountains of North Carolina in October of 1990.
     I am very proud to have served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. It is perhaps the only thing I have done in my life, that means that things are better for someone because I was there. My presence among the 690,000 or more soldiers, who left everything that meant anything to them, picked up a rifle and said," NO," is not singularly important but, that I was part of a "team," a select group.
     Time and life are all that matters for, God has given us no promise of tomorrow on this earth, only peace in our eternal souls as we seek his presence. Many things went through my mind as I boarded the plane. Once you ride 28 hours on a 747 with a rifle under your feet and a gas mask at your side, in order to get to a war, you look at life differently. As you begin to read my web site I pray you will find some comfort in these few words. Much of the information here is not comforting. Many of the things you will read are controversial, and some are open to different interpretation.
     Much has been made of the power of stress in a traumatic situation. My experience in preparing this information for you is that much of that stress is relieved by having enough information to draw my own conclusions. I have used only reliable sources to prepare this site. The links from my site are diverse and sometimes offer opposing views, I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. I must tell you however, that the targeting is accurate. The areas of contamination are based on a 360 degree circle around the point of attack, as were given by government documents. This is believed to be a worst case scenario. Actual contamination should be smaller and inside the circles.
     The opinions and conclusions on this site are mine and are documented to the best of my ability. I hope and pray that you will read my work and recap your experiences in the Persian Gulf and contact the proper authorities. I try not to take sides or point fingers, so feel free to check facts. Nothing would please me more than to find out this information is wrong but, I do not think so. Please make any corrections on my phone list, it is intended as a helpful starting point in your search for your peace of mind.


Sgt. Joseph G. Miller

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